Blue Nude 1

70 x 98cm

Series of ten*

When I made this version of Matisse’s Blue Nude in green and orange stamps, I liked the irony… and I liked the idea of representing something so organic and flowing out of square things. A friend said that it was obvious that I hadn’t studied art, because if I had I would never have made it in green on orange, as green is a recessive colour. So I decided to make another one in the opposite colours (Blue Nude 2). To be honest, I think I prefer the first one, even if it is technically “wrong”. Originally made in 1999, Blue Nude 1 is now available in a series of ten.

*Due to printing variation, postmarks and wear, each stamp is unique. These variations are used to “paint” the overall image. Consequently works in a series, whilst depicting the same overall image, are completely unique hand made pieces.