About me

About Mav (the artist)

I am a visual artist living and working near Nottingham.

My work is made from used UK “definitive” postage stamps. My practice as an artist began after receiving a vinyl record in the post that included four different coloured stamps on the mailer. Following research, I found that there were enough different stamps to make a palette. The palette is constrained by the availability of stamps which leads to both simplicity and complexity in my work.

Central to my practice is how the eyes and brain work together to interpret information from different perspectives. I am also very interested in the relationship between the medium and viewer and the emotional response of the viewer to the scale of the work. The stamps are in some ways similar to digital pixels, but the overall image is determined by the subject. Pushing against these boundaries drives me to explore the possibilities within the context of the piece and motivates me to keep exploring the medium.

In 2020, I won the Community Champions Prize at the Harley Open, was selected for The 168th RWA Open at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol and the New Light Open Exhibition.

In 2021 my work was selected for the Ruth Borchard Self-portrait Prize and for Figurative Art Now, both of which were online exhibitions.

My work has been shown in Worksop, Scarborough, Bristol, Newcastle, Carlisle and London.

I have been commissioned for private collections in the UK, Germany and USA, and for organisations such as Aardman Studios and The Royal Mail.