Photo of the artist with a completed work for sale

Work for sale and commissions

Artwork for sale can be viewed in the Gallery.

I have undertaken commissions for private collectors in UK, Germany and USA, and for organisations including Aardman and The Royal Mail.

I am happy to discuss commissions with no obligation to proceed. If you are interested in discussing a commission Contact me.

Photo of Mav (the artist)

About me

I am a visual artist living and working near Nottingham. My work is made from used UK “definitive” postage stamps. Stamps provide a limited colour palette which constrains my practice. Working within this constraint has challenged me, but has produced some inventive results. Central to my practice is the way the eyes and brain work together to interpret information. The stamps are similar to digital pixels, which I use to construct the overall image. I think there are endless possibilities for the medium which drives to create new work.

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Photo of the artists process


My process uses a straightforward concept which I execute with meticulous precision. I choose a subject, colour palette and scale for each work. The combination of these three elements intrigues and engages me during the process of making each piece. The arrangement of stamps in a strict geometric grid gives the work an almost digital quality, as each stamp acts like a pixel. Meanwhile, when a work is viewed from a distance, it takes on an organic feel similar to an impressionist painting.

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Mav preparing his work for exhibiting


In 2020, I won the Community Champions Prize at the Harley Open, was selected for The 168th RWA Open at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol and the New Light Open Exhibition which has exhibitions in four cities. In 2021 my work was selected for the Ruth Borchard Self-portrait Prize and for Figurative Art Now, both of which were online exhibitions. My work has been shown in Worksop, Scarborough, Bristol, Newcastle, Carlisle and London.

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